Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Race With The Devil

Here’s a little present for your ears that I scored during my hiatus!
Now before I go into anything, I had been searching for this LP for a long time and never came across it. I suppose in the back of my head I figured that it was one of those LP’s that you quest for but take a lifetime to acquire.

So stumbling and scurrying between record stores and flea markets early last Sunday morn, my Husband and I quested off to visit our old friend, New Hope, PA. Now I love New Hope, there are so many cute little stores there! But anyway on our way up there we stopped at this flea market/antique store to buzz around and really just to dip our toes in fresh waters (even though we have been there 2 other times). I always like a newer, not as familiar place because sometimes going to the same old flea market weekend after weekend can feel a bit redundant.
At this time while we’re walking about (I have a sweatshirt on), the sun is crawling high and hotter into the breaking afternoon sky and the sweat is just DRIPPING off my face, down my back, under my boobs, down my ass crack and I’m starting to get a bit aggravated because I can’t even take off my sweatshirt because I forgot to shave my pits! We come across a few keepers that were within the isles that some vender’s had in stinky cardboard boxes, ON THE GROUND, but I need to be in the shade or the A/C, so I start making my way into the building part, which is actually the antique store.

While I am waiting for the sluggish Mr. Love, visually I start walking around the antique store when…BINGO… I lay eyes on this one music shop. Now, normally I try my VERY BEST to wait for my husband because he gets a little testy if I beat him to the punch on ANY record, which inevitably is a horrible thing when you both collect records because IN MY MIND… either way, ANYTHING we get comes to the same address and the same collection, so I don’t mind, BUT it drive him CRAZY!… In anycase I wondered over there all by my lonesome to check out this jazzy store. I skip the tapes and disc’s and just go right for the plastic boxes that held the vinyl and start picking through them.

The guys had a bunch of things there that I scored, but for me when I came across this LP, exuding the stench of yester-year… LITERALLY I almost fainted, because like I said, I just figured this was going to have to be an ebay purchase or something of that nature!

I give you “GUN”, their first, S/T LP released in 1969 on Epic records… and I can’t even describe tell you how much of a masterpiece this album truly is! A totally heavy, noisy, creative band that really (for me) highlighted the futility of the increasingly progressive British invasion!

"Race With The Devil"
"Take Off"
"The Sad Saga of The Boy and The Bee"

Monday, November 24, 2008

Goes Without Saying ANYTHING

It’s little late and just got done playing dueling guitar with my step-son while my husband lays fast asleep in the living room. OH by the way, I have absolutely NO musical conditioning when it comes to playing an instrument… cause, it’s a fact. I CAN’T PLAY! I just pretend, but I do play a mean AIR guitar…hehehe!

I guess in lue of a story that I told my girlfriend about the other day. Kinda of an odd one if you ask me!

I was driving down the road on my way to my mothers house, and a Dover was riding along side of me, as I was blasting THIS record (Iron Maiden-Powerslave) and the Dover was making this REALLY strange gestger with his hand. I thought he was asking me if I was DRINKING in “sign language”, so I rolled down my window and reply with “EXCUSE me?!?!”. Turns out that’s what he wanted, for me to roll down my window. The cop was like “Hey is that Maiden your listening to”…. of course I said “yes”, meanwhile I was thinking… “what gave it away buddy, Dickinson’s voice, or Steve Harris’s 20 fingers?”. Well but anyway he then asked me which album, my reply: “Powerslave”. THEN, he was like “What’s a pretty little thing like you listening to heavy metal for?”….

So here you go, a prodigy of NWOBHM and metal masters for the ages... I give you Iron Maiden's fifth full track LP, Bruce Dickinson's (previously singer for Samson) third record with the band, after Paul Di'Anno's departure in mid to late 1981. Powerslave released in 1984 on Capitol records. A GREAT record to say the least!

"Losfer Words"
"The Duellists"
"Rime Of The Ancient Mariner"

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cryin Shame

I was on my way to work yesterday morning listening to my pod, which I might mention, that I am so much more in love with since we got our vinyl recorder about 2 years ago, makes listening to what I WANT to listen to so much better!!!!

But anyway, I was driving to work, listening to Frijid Pink. And the funny thing about it is that I actually bought the record years back (and again in a NYC record convention, because mine was tattered), and I gave it a complete start to finish listen, and found myself saying out loud “OH yeah I remember this song, that song …” from being a super young girl, while my parents (who used to always have something original playing, AND always rock n roll) would be cleaning the house, singing the lyrics to the all too familiar “House of the Rising Sun”, and so I put the record away and pulled it out here and there. So I pulled it out again months back, and uploaded it into my computer with my fancy turntable, and just simply reminded myself of the heaviness, of these guys…. Not to mention that they are always a good listen when your in the car!

~Frijid Pink~

All right well, this bands story starts in 1967 (Kelly Green- vocs, Gary Thompson - git, Rich Stevers - drums, Larry Zelanka - keyboard, Tom Harris- bass) in (Detroit) Michigan progressively playing local shows around their state for a couple years before they released their first album.

Along with signing to Parrot records in 1969, they also felt the need to replace their bassist (Tom Harris) for Tom Beaudry (who would be the bassist we all know). A few months after this, having no real previous luck with single hits, decided to put their brains together and finish up, and make an album, even though before they actually finished it, their single “house of the rising sun”(also done by artist, Clarence Tom Ashley, Nina Simmone, The Animals…) had became a big hit NOT ONLY here in the states, but overseas as well.

They released their first album in 1970, which was their self titled album, on Parrot, and is undeniably a stamp in creativity, and my favorite, and just goes to prove that even bands of “yesterday”, so still SO relevant today! Quickly following that record, a few months later came “Defrosted” ALSO on Parrot, but not as successful as the first…. but we always remember our “first” don’t we!

Moving right along, into the third album (Earth Omen) which was release in 1972 on Lion… which would actually put them into a downward spiral of events, and addictions into not releasing their fourth and FINAL album for three years, ( All in Pink, 1975 on Fantasy) as the band would stop faking this “love affair” and break-up for good in 1976.

Frijid Pink - Cryin' Shame
Frijid Pink - Drivin' Blues
Frijid Pink - I'm on my way
Frijid Pink - I want to be your lover

Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's So Nice To Be Stoned


Flea markets have always been an exciting and joyfull weekend past time for my husband and I, every saturday and sunday we’re up at the crack of dawn gathering together our scrambled sleepy heads to get out to the flea market to find some great scores before our friends Bungo and Southard. Most mornings they beat us to the punch either at Rt. 70 flea market or at Collingswood flea market… and I get to hear the GREAT SCORES they got… mean while on the inside my ass is TOTALLY on fire!

So this past Sunday (May 11th) we hurtle gurtle to get out of the house earlier then normal to beat the mother’s day crowd to see what we could find.

Needless to say, while getting the HAIRY eyeball for being a bin ahead (from the charming Mr. Love, a new vendors table no less, I stumbled across some REALLY totally AWESOME scores… one of which was the first “White Witch” record!! When I was flipping through the box of records… this guy just kept talking and talking about KISS to us… and in my head all I hear is Charlie Brown’s teacher “wha wha whawhahwhawha…. wha whaaaa”, all I wanted was some peace and quiet while I was focusing on flippin!!!! I came across the White Witch I nearly pooped in my pants… I might have even let out a little gas…lolololol…

This record has been a quest of mine for a long time… but I had a few tracks on tape that I had taped from a manual recorder from my friends’ moms turntable from previous years, of hanging with the wrong friends!

But here a quick little insight, but I have to make it fast cause I have to start getting my sexy on, for our 2nd Anniversary date!!!!!!!!!!!

Released in 1972 on Capricorn, this self titled album, their first, was a complete rockin, goofy psych album that reads kinda like a book for me. The crazy, yet phenominal vocals of Ronn Goedert, rippin guitar leads of Buddy Richardson, and the silly (make your butt wiggle fun) fluttering keyboard, this album is great too trip out to whether your tripped out, fan of good msuic or just high on life itself !!! The records has tons of ups and downs, perfect for 1972… and perfect for 2008!!!! Enjoy the tracks below…. and “a hui hou”… time to get FANCY looking!!!!!!


The Gift

It’s so nice to be stoned


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This Gas is KILLING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So folks here we are, week 13 of this long journey. You know what is actually funny? I was thinking about how far away 40 weeks seems… and it seems so dang far away, but it also feels like yesterday my husband and I were at the OB-Gyn's office finding out that we were 8.6 weeks along, photograph included. Even though it seems so far away, it really is buzzing by kinda fast for me. My body is changing and I feel it more and more and that’s ok… I'm starting to be less concerned and more excited! My husband is actually so super fantastic. I think the whole idea is really starting to set in for him too. He keeps putting his hand on my belly when he getting home from work and says "Hello baby bump" and at night says good night to the bump!!!...Pretty cute!

Although my exhaustion still resides in me, I feel it starting to taper off slowly. Waking up is becoming LESS of a chore!

So let me tell you a little bit about what's going on this week:

~I am 3 months pregnant (towards the end)… and IN my fourth month OF pregnancy. The months of pregnancy aren't actually deemed a particular month until the last day of THAT month.
~As of today (11/20/2008) I am 93 days pregnant with 187 left until my due date(May 27, 2009).
~I am officially complete with my first trimester and have started my second trimester.
~I am starting to pop out just a little bit now… not too much really. The reality of the possibility of stretch marks has REALLY started to set in now! Even though this worries me… I am actually starting to feel a bit better about it..
~My little beaner is about 3 inches long now and weighs about 18 grams and again, mostly all vital organs are in place and will just simply grow and mature at an extremely rapid rate for the next 24 weeks.
~Although the gender determining hormone has been in place for 1 week now, a true answer via ultrasound is only a few more weeks away.
~Calcium intake is especially important from now to the end of pregnancy because the bones are currently in their rapid growth and solidifying stage…. SOOOOOO since I am not an "everyday" milk drinker… I guess it TUMS for me!

Here are a few pictures of what my little one looks like now, at 13 weeks…..WE'RE 1/3 of the way there now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now as always, accompanying my journey to motherhood… lets take a walk through the woods of inspiration for me… my music of course!

I have to kind of dedicate this here post to my gal pal JJB over at EyeEatMusic, for this notion takes place but a few months back when she herself wrote a segment on The Illusion.
I really don’t know all that much about these guys (I have been doing a bunch of reading in the last few days though), other than the fact that it is completely addictive and has been ruling my rides to and from work!

When she unintentionally, introduced me to The Illusion, I was actually fortunate to come across a copy of their first S/T (on Steed records released in 1969) at The Philadelphia Record Exchange in Philadelphia,PA and I actually forget which flea market I found their second record at (”Together” on Steed released late 1969).

But just about a week and a few days ago we were at the Collingswood flea market when I came across this masterpiece of a record! I knew I would love it, because I was so fond of the other two, but I never knew the absolute BIRTHDAY treat I would get!

It’s there last LP (”If It’s So”), released on Steed in 1970. Again, I don’t really like to give the old “shuck and jive” line, so when I get my “checks and balances” squared away, I think I will elaborate on them further on another post!

Anyway, JJB to you… and to ME… for the awesome SCORE!… GOD I love record hunting! The kill is always so satisfying! OH and by the way, pardon my semi-poor seperation skills, the cuts run right into one another…. But here are the rockers off Side A!
The Man

Let’s Make Each Other Happy

When I Metcha Babe

Sunday, November 9, 2008

What A Stooge

So tomorrow my husband and I will 12 weeks along in our pregnancy, lucky for me I have YET to have a helping of morning sickness. On the other side of the fence, waking up haunts me every morning as I literally have to pry myself out of the bed. My body is teeming with exhaustion, but only in the morning hours. The night hours seem to usually be filled with a rush of energy. Most that know me could tell you that my personal clock normally tick-tocks a bit different ( non-pregnant). I'm a early to bed (10pm) early to rise (5:30-6am with the energy of a cheetah) bouncing about getting my family situated for work, school or just weekend fun. This is the ONLY REAL downfall of this pregnancy, otherwise I have been BLESSED with feeling radically AWESOME!

By now, my baby is about 2 inches from head to toes, s/he has all their vital organs, which will be progressively growing and maturing, preparing the baby for life outside my tummy. The baby moves about like a fish in a tank, with plenty of room to swim about. At this stage of the game my little peanut is much too small for me to feel, s/he is in fact buzzing around like a crazy person... not much different their folks!!! Here's a little picture of what this little cutey looks like currently at 12 weeks (which is what it will be 11/10/2008)!!!!

During this time I will taking you on a journey with me through my pregnancy every new week ~ along with my love of music. As of right now, I am going be bringing my old posts from wordpress here until I am sure that I have blogspot down pat... then I will get into some newer posts I have been comprising together over the last bunch of weeks that never made it to wordpress...

I have to say, that I absolutely love to banter about some rocking tunes, and more importantly, I enjoy the educational part more then anything!

Growing up as a young girl, brought up underneath the bellows of rock n roll/pysch and the pre-amp to heavy metal, I was always very humbled by the knowledge and the fact that I knew more about music then anyone else I ever associated with. I always had comfort in knowing that a single song, no matter what song it might have been momentarily… could put me in a better, surreal place. I also remember me and John Brown (my kid brother, he ALWAYS listened to records with me), which whom by the way knows a thing or two about music… but anyway, we used to always joke about living in the early days. A time when things were a bit more free, but also more understood and open minded towards ideas and inconsistencies during their then “modern day war fair”.

In any case, I just want to give this thanks out to three very special friends of mine, Mr. Love, The Devil, Jables. Thank you all so much, for teaching me and educating me on things that I maybe would have taken 10 more years to learn about! I love you guys, and this post is really for you!

A rock N roll, pysch record that lives for the ages and is still completely relevant with massive underlying influences of what we would later come to know as punk rock.

I think in my opinion, even though the Stooges definitely (without a doubt) set a precedence with their music, but I truly believe that Iggy’s (vocs) outrageous stage performance really enunciated the bands visual characteristics.

This LP that I present to you today is their first, S/T released in 1969 on Elektra records with of course Iggy Pop(Stooge) on vocs, Scott Asheton on drums, his brother Ron on git and of course bassist Dave Alexander. The Stooges put only 3 LP between 1969 - 1973, but did release a live album in 1977 “Metallic K.O.”. That same year Iggy made way to leave the Stooges, to form his solo career, notably his familiarity to most, but then was recruited back to reunited with the Stooges in 2007 to release “The Weirdness” (which I haven’t heard YET).

I have to admit, the album is entirely too perfect to just give you a few songs, but unfortunately I am also entirely too lazy to sit through the whole thing right now, got to get ready for a BBQ… so I am gonna give you a few of my favorite tracks off this record.
Here’s to my crazy friends!!
Here’s to my crazy friends!! Much Love!
No Fun

Saturday, November 8, 2008

A New Start... ...

Things never seem to be as they are, no matter HOW simple they show themselves to be.

After having a short stay with I have decided to move on to the "blogspot"... AND WE'LL see just how much of a "spot" it really is after I get to gettin with this here thing!

SOOOO, let me just give a small introduction before I keep on keepin on.

I'm really not trying to get any kind of social satisfaction out of writing these posts, more of a personal thing I guess you could say.

My husband and I are devout record collectors, a nice variety of the 60's, 70's, 80's rock, psych, heavy metal, thrash and comedy... a hand full of some old southern rock and country, reggae, rap and new school... and OF COURSE what record collection would be complete without (my husbands) horrid hair metal (a.k.a bad metal, also know as GLAM)... and very a NON inspirational part to my mental music encyclopedia, BUT always worth knowing about and sometimes EVEN saves the day. Music is what I love and live for, I really have no other hobbies that I can spout off at the top of my head.

We've been married almost 3 years (together for 7 years), We live in a comfortable little nook by the water and I wouldnt trade it in for the world, the sounds of water fowl in the morning and evening... really does alot for this hunter and piney's heart! The years of growing together as a family with my 13 year old step son, 16 year old cat... and finally A BABY ON THE WAY has been trying at times... but non the less, is always a lesson in life worth learning and growing from.

Saying all that... here is my first slice of things to come, I hope you find my writings educational and mentally rewarding!!!
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